Ledaig 19yr Marsala Finish

Ledaig 19yr Marsala Finish This marsala Cask Finish ledaig is due to be launched shortly and was something that really interested me from the initial arrivial of the sample.

I'm a little disappointed that the marsala didn't bring out much more sweetness in this dram, i'd really hoped for quite a bit of sweetness to counter with the coastal smoke, but it's not there.

There's a lot of that metallic heat, like a hot radiator or electrical burning, and lots of typical ledaig coastal notes on the finish along with iron/butchers shop/blood like elements.

nice enough but could, and probably should, be better.

You can pre-order from Robbies Whisky Merchants.

Thanks to Tobermory for the official sample.


Hot electrical burning smouldering smokey notes, almost like hot radiator notes, very coastal, almost bordering on sulphery, expected more sweetness here, iron from blood/butchers shop

Light, much lighter than I was expecting, light fresh ozone notes, hints of sweetness and then more butcher shop notes, cooked meats and hints of bovril and ovaltine

Finish grows into a proper ledaig finish of salty coastal smoke

Bottle Name: Ledaig 19yr Marsala Finish
Age: 19
ABV: 51.00
Distiller: Ledaig
Bottler: Tobermory
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Islands

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