Glenmorangie Bacalta

Glenmorangie Bacalta I'm always intrigued when Glenmorangie announce their annual Private Edition bottling and with this years finished in Sun Baked madiera casks I was really interested.

Theres a lot of sweetness in here and lots of tinned fruit salad in syrup, along with peaches and nectarines and beeswax thickness with cinnamon and nutmeg... which all sounds great, but there's an underlying spirityness that comes out as acetone/furniture polish that just takes over everything for me and it's in a way that i'm not keen.

Furniture polish can, for me, be either sweet and enjoyable, like waxy or it can be spirity and more like white spirits, which i don't enjoy and theres a touch of that here, it makes me think the whisky is young and rough and has been attempted to be hidden by the sweet wine, and it's a note i don't want to see in Glenmorangie which is one of my favourite distilleries.

Don't get me wrong this isn't a bad whisky, it's just not as good as I hoped, wanted and expected it to be.

If you want to give it a try you should get it from The Whisky Exchange or Master of Malt.

Thanks to Glenmorangie for the official sample.


Sweet juicy tinned fruits and beeswax furniture polish, quite a bit of acetone and spirity notes, sweet waxy vanilla pods and bitter citrus pith and peel, tangy and with cinnamon and nutmeg spices creeping in.

Soft nectarines, peaches, and tangy fruits, gentle spices and tinned fruit salad with a splash of cinnamon and beeswax furniture polish.

Sweet, furniture polish and gentle woody spices.

Bottle Name: Glenmorangie Bacalta
Age: NAS
ABV: 46.00
Distiller: Glenmorangie
Bottler: Glenmorangie
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Highland

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