Deanston 40 Year Old

Deanston 40 Year Old When great whisky brands release new interesting whiskies, like this Deanston 40 Year old, i'm hugely excited about it and when the pricing isn't totally out of this world, it's better.

£1000 a bottle is still a lot of money but it's not into the utterly rediculous like some brands who are £2500 and way more, so it's still on the "value" side of things for a 40 year old malt.

Filled with lots of lovely fruity notes, and none of that horrible rubber from poor sherry casks or that over woody note from others, this is a seriously tasty dram and one i wish i had the spare £1000 for.

Many thanks to Deanston for the official sample.


Fruity, yum, juicy fruit chewing gum, fresh fruit salad with dried apricots and chantilly cream, waxy fruit skins, beeswax and a hint of cask char / manuka honey, menthol pastels, fruit pastilles and gentle oak notes

Initially a touch chalky, then gentle wood spices, waxy fruit skins, some ashy hints, honey and menthol losenges, more sweet fruit pastilles as it sits in the glass.

Drying, chalky,

Bottle Name: Deanston 40 Year Old
Age: 40
ABV: 46.50
Distiller: Deanston
Bottler: Deanston
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Highland

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