Compass Box 3 Year Old Deluxe

Compass Box 3 Year Old Deluxe There are very few companies out there that could bottle a Blended Malt, admit that the age statement on it is 3 years old, and actually call it that, and then charge over £180 for it! but then this is no ordinary 3 year old blended malt and Compass Box are no ordinary whisky company.

Following to the letter of the law the Scotch Whisky Associations rules of only being able to declare the youngest whisky in a blend or blended malt, this contains under 1% 3 year old whisky from a certain Brora region distillery, along with 90% from the same distillery but considerably older, plus 9% from a distillery on the isle of Skye.

Knowing simply those distilleries would have people jumping at this dram, it's hugely fruity, waxy, spicy and delicious, with my overall notes in my notebook simply saying "WOW!!!".

If you can find a bottle of this grab it and treasure it, it is devine.

Thanks to Compass Box for the official sample.


dusty dunnage warehouses and sweet beeswax and honey, both light and gentle and rich and flavoursome all at the same time, this really messes with your head, rich fruit salad and dried fruits, apricots especially, honey dipped with a hint of syrup

rich and wood influenced, spicy strong wood oak elements that come from plenty of ageing freshly honey dipped apricots and beeswax coated sponge cake, delicious stuff

long, oaky, gentle, vanilla and spice

Bottle Name: Compass Box 3 Year Old Deluxe
Age: 3
ABV: 49.20
Distiller: Compass Box
Bottler: Compass Box
Type: Blended Malt
From: Scotland, Not Scottish

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