Orchard Pig Truffler

Orchard Pig Truffler I know it's not the summer but i'm still drinking Cider, and this is yet another Supermarket find that i've picked up to try.

I really quite enjoyed the Orchard Pag Reveller which i had before so was looking forward to trying this cider.

Appley, tangy and fizzy, and very dry, too dry for me, this is certainly not the style of cider i would pick up again as i don't get on well with the really dry ones like this.

If it's your type of cider then check out Orchard Pig for more details and suppliers.


sweet apples and farmyard notes straight off the bat, creamy fresh yoghurty notes too, like a muller fruit corner with apples, hints of fresh floral notes hiding in the background also.

Tangy fruit corner yoghurts with apples, quite a bitter of bitter fruit peel like notes, easy to,drink but packs tang.

Dry, tangy and fizzy

Bottle Name: Orchard Pig Truffler
Age: NAS
ABV: 6.00
Distiller: Orchard Pig
Bottler: Orchard Pig
Type: Cider
From: England, No Defined Scottish Region

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