Koval Millet

Koval Rye Koval is the first new distillery in the Chicago area since the 1800s and they are producing some very interesting whiskeys using various grains, including a Bourbon a rye whiskey and a gin but they also produce a Millet Whiskey.

Millet is an unusual grain, prized in Asia and Africa and used as a base grain for spirits in Nepal, I'm not sure of many, or any, other whiskey made from millet.

Wow this is interesting, sweet, juicy, melon, toffee, and Banana and wholegrain bread, and gentle spices.

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Thanks to Koval for the official sample


Sweet and tasty, hints of spice come first, then a huge swath of Banofee pie, but it's artificial banana like those sweet foam bananas with a soft creamy toffee sauce and cream, sweet tasty, light fresh fruits and wholegrain bread.

Tasty, sweet juicy, freshly sliced Galia melon, creamy toffee sauce, hints of gentle spices and wholegrain bread, foam bananas and hints of undercooked pastry.

Sweet, juicy, melody, tasty

Bottle Name: Koval Millet
Age: NAS
ABV: 40.00
Distiller: Koval
Bottler: Koval
Type: Other
From: USA, Not Scottish

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