Koval Bourbon

Koval Bourbon Koval is the first new distillery in the Chicago area since the 1800s and they are producing some very interesting whiskeys using various grains.

This is their bourbon, bottled at 94 proof (or 47% ABV) this is sweet, toffee'd and very tasty, I really need to give this a try in an old fashioned also as i really think the sweetness and higher ABV would work well in that.

Lots of sweet, sugary, toffee notes along with acetone (permanent marker) doughyness and sweet apples, a very drinkable bourbon.

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Thanks to Koval for the official sample


First up is some acetone, sweet permanent marker like notes, there's a spicy sweetness in there like sweet chilli sauce and Demerara sugar, some baked apple tart and undercooked dough

Buttered toffees, Wethersfield originals, candy floss and sweet Apple flavoured candies, funfair sweetness and tangy citrus fruit peels, hints of spices and sweet chilli sauce come through too

Slightly tangy, sweet chilli and hints of sweet fruits

Bottle Name: Koval Bourbon
Age: NAS
ABV: 47.00
Distiller: Koval
Bottler: Koval
Type: Bourbon
From: USA, No Defined Scottish Region

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