North British 24yr Old Particular (Douglas Laing)

North British 24yr Old Particular (Douglas Laing) I've really enjoyed lots of the single grain I've tasted recently, and the ladies and gents at Douglas Laing know how to pick a damn good whisky so this is exciting to try.

This is, no surprise, tasty stuff with lots of icing sugar sweetness on the nose and caramelised sugar goodness on the palate.

This would be a great accompaniment to a creme brule or custard tart as a dessert or a really interesting combination with a sweeter fruity dessert.

Grain whisky and desserts are definitely the way forward and I need to explore this much more also.

You can pick up a bottle of this from Master of Malt

Thank to Douglas Laing for the sample as part of my Fellows pack.


Light and fresh initially with juicy fresh melon and that lovely powdered (icing) sugar, this is sweet and gentle with hints of vanilla, wholemeal bread and cask char coming through as it sits in the glass giving it an edge of something more interesting.

Again it starts quite light with a little grassy like notes then it grows stronger and becomes much more polished mahogany, sweet butterscotch angel delight and caramelised moscavado sugar, hints of creme brule creeping in too.

Sweet, gentle, caramelised sugar and polished mahogany

Bottle Name: North British 24yr Old Particular (Douglas Laing)
Age: 24
ABV: 49.40
Distiller: North British
Bottler: Douglas Laing
Type: Single Cask Single Grain
From: Scotland, Lowland

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