McDonalds Celebrated Ben Nevis

McDonalds Celebrated Ben Nevis Ben Nevis is one of those distilleries that I just haven't spent enough time with, so when I had the chance to share in a bottle of this recreation of a 130 year old bottle I couldn't resist.

If this is how Ben Nevis tasted 130 years ago I wish it was all like this today this is seriously drinkable lots of lovely juicy chalky fruity smoke and fresh fruit notes.

A very easy drinking bottle of whisky that would easily become a go to session dram.

You can pick up a bottle from the Green Welly Stop.


Well there's a surprise, I don't read much into this but didn't expect the light peat smoke, then again it's a recreation of something from 130 years ago so will have been peated. Sweet chalky peat a bit like Benromach or Benriach peated, fruity underneath with sweet juicy tinned fruit in syrup, delicious nose.

Oh that's lovely indeed, the smoke is there and it's a little earthy but still Edinburgh rock chalky with tinned fruit salad and juicy fruit chewing gum, light and gentle with lots of fresh fruit and sweet syrup, then it goes a little malty, yum.

Sweet juicy ongoing malty

Bottle Name: McDonalds Celebrated Ben Nevis
Age: NAS
ABV: 46.00
Distiller: Ben Nevis
Bottler: McDonald's
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Highland

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