Trojan (Exile Casks)

Trojan (Exile Casks) Part of the new range of single cask drams from Exile casks who will release cask that had been previously left abandoned or forgotten about in warehouses and needing to be released upon the world.

This 1990 vintage from an unnamed distillery is bottled at 57.1% and is the first release from Exile Casks.

I loved the nose it was right up my street, the palate is a little more in your face and a little less to my favourite flavour profile but it's seriously enjoyable stuff, lots of furniture polish and woody mahogany, a great start to a new series of drams, the future is bright here.

Available to pre-order now from Exile Casks online shop.

Thanks to Exile Casks for the official sample


Sweet sugary mr pledge furniture polish and pear drops, bees wax and gentle boiled sweets, lots of juicy mouthwatering fruity notes here, very waxy and filled with sweetness that made me want to dive straight into this dram, a hint of acetone from the high ABV but this has a really lovely nose.

Much more woody on the palate in comparison to the waxy sweet fruits on the nose, still bees wax polish and sweet pear drops but much more freshly polished mahogany than just the sweet polish note, quite thick and oily on the palate, lovely stuff

Drying but fulfilling, sweet and beeswax

Bottle Name: Trojan (Exile Casks)
Age: 1990 Vintage
ABV: 57.10
Distiller: Exile Casks
Bottler: Exile Casks
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Speyside

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