Orach Strawberry Vanilla Ginger Beer RTD Cocktail

Orach Ginger Ale Lemon Lime and Mint RTD Cocktail We've all seen a huge amount of new RTD (Ready to drink) cocktails in the shops so why not a whisky based one and that's what this Orach, from the same guys behind Dram Orach, believe too.

Each bottle contains a double shot of Dram Orach then strawberry, vanilla and ginger beer, this sounds like something I will love.

And love it I do, dangerously drinkable I love the strawberry yoghurt/ice cream flavours in this and I would happily drink this all night long.

Fabulous stuff available soon at Aldi and hopefully from other retailers also.

I believe these are coming shortly to Aldi, and will hopefully be available from other retailers soon also.

Thanks to the guys at Dram2o for the official sample.


Oh this is strawberry and creamy, Miller strawberry corner thick and creamy, then it feels fizzy it's almost like smelling a strawberry ice cream float, the ginger beer creeps in more as it sits in the glass, I love the smell of this.

Oh my oh my this is like drinking a strawberry ice cream float too, it's thin but has that flavour that makes you think it's thick and creamy strawberry yoghurt, sweet and delicious, an edge of tangy ginger beer but nothing more than that, dangerously drinkable

Sweet, tasty.... Where did my glass of this go ... ?

Bottle Name: Orach Strawberry Vanilla Ginger Beer RTD Cocktail
Age: NAS
ABV: 7.00
Distiller: Dram2o
Bottler: Dram2o
Type: Cocktail
From: Scotland, Not Scottish

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