Murray McDavid Crafted Blend

Murray McDavid Crafted Blend This dram was part of the Murray McDavid tweet tasting a while back, I unfortunately missed the tasting and have caught up since.

A 12 year old blended whisky with approx 30% malt whisky matured in a sherry butt.

a nice wee blended whisky this, it doesn't feel like a 12 year old it's not quite very youthful popcorn but it is a little prickly acetone and spice which give it character and balance.

At a good price point this is a nice dram, if it comes in at a slightly more premium price point I'd still to Small batch blends like tweeddale.

Thanks to Murray McDavid for including me on the tasting


The initial dip of the nose into the glass gives mainly light honey notes with touches of light syrup, deeper dark fruits come through next with fig slices and hints of dragon fruit, a malt loaf and light spicy note finish off the nose.

quite malty on the tongue initially before citrus peel and then darker fruits creep in with those sweet dark figs again with a puff of smoke and acetone every few sips.

Light but with acetone and a tinge of spice.

Bottle Name: Murray McDavid Crafted Blend
Age: 12
ABV: 46.00
Distiller: Murray McDavid
Bottler: Murray McDavid
Type: Blend
From: Scotland, No Defined Scottish Region

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