Wemyss Malts Marmalade Appeal

Wemyss Malts Marmalade Appeal So I've said before, a number of times, that ex bourbon or American oak tends to be my preference and especially with Glenrothes so I'm a little apprehensive at this but also trust the guys and gals at Wemyss Malts who I tend to trust with their cask selection.

It's a bit of a fear of sherry casks I've had for a while but this 1988-2015 Glenrothes I'm hoping will help me look passed that.

This is much lighter than I expected from a sherry butt with very light flamed orange peel notes being the predominant flavours for me.

Tasty stuff and an interesting dram which is much better than I could ever have expected.

Still available to purchase from specialists such as Master of Malt

Thanks to Wemyss Malts for the official samples.


Wow this is really light on the nose, I was expecting much more powerful notes but it's light and gentle with waxy fresh citrus fruits and caramelised sugar, it's got that nose of lightly flamed orange peel used in cocktails

A tingle of spice and flamed orange peel, sticky sweet orange chicken, there's a bit of meatiness in here, tangy and citrusy, really nice stuff.

Sweet tangy orange chicken and spices

Bottle Name: Wemyss Malts Marmalade Appeal
Age: 1988 Vintage
ABV: 46.00
Distiller: Glenrothes
Bottler: Wemyss Malts
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Speyside

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