Benromach 35 Year Old

Benromach 35 Year Old The latest release from the Benromach distillery is one that harks back to a time before Gordon and MacPhail took over the running of the distillery.

Modern Benromach usually has a slight kick of smoke being peated to around 8PPM so I'm excited to see whether this has been a practice going right back or whether it is a more recent addition.

There's a definite splash of smoke in here that shows that it's been something that's been involved with Benromach for quite some time now.

This is a gentle and very tasty dram with hints of smoke, like a gently charcoal baked apple, and lots of other sweet fruits, with biscuity notes also, delicious stuff and very much value for money especially in comparison to to prices being asked for many other brands in this age bracket.

Thanks to Benromach and Gordon and MacPhail for the official sample.


Oh lovely a nice initial note that's makes me think equally of gentle smoked meats and malt loaf, then a strong coffee note, like opening a jar or instant coffee and sniffing straight from it, some gentle dried apricots and raisins and a lick of vanilla essence.

Crunchy apples baked over a charcoal fire, lovely sweet fruits and smoky/char notes too there's more fruits of dried apricot and dried banana, the coffee note comes back too with a touch of digestive biscuits.

Spicy biscuity and a touch of charcoal smoke.

Bottle Name: Benromach 35 Year Old
Age: 35
ABV: 43.00
Distiller: Benromach
Bottler: Benromach
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Speyside

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