Thatchers Old Rascal

Thatchers Old Rascal Another Thatchers cider this time the Thatchers Old Rascal cider picked up in the local supermarket.

The packaging really appealed to me, which is unusual as i'm not normally one who is swayed by fancied packaging, but i really wanted to try this because of it.

Light and gentle with fresh and tangy Apple notes this takes a lot to get from the nose but the palate, despite being very gentle, is exceedingly refreshing, this would be a fabulous refreshing summer drink.


Very light and gentle, really need the nose of the glass before the gentle sweet cloudy Apple juice and a touch of some bitter fruit juices hiding too.

Light and gentle sweet sparkling apple juice, its very easy to drink and although not hugely powerful sweet apples it's very tasty and refreshing

Slightly dry but still sweet and tingly.

Bottle Name: Thatchers Old Rascal
Age: NAS
ABV: 4.50
Distiller: Thatcher's Cider
Bottler: Thatcher's Cider
Type: Cider
From: England, No Defined Scottish Region

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