Sheppys Dabinett Single Variety Cider

Sheppys Dabinett Single Variety Cider Another Single Variety Cider from Sheppys, this time Dabinett, and another Dobbies purchase also.

I really didn't know what to expect here but it's delightful, sweet, juicy, tangy, appley, just what I want, delicious. Absolutely delicious.

If you want some proper cider I'd certainly recommend trying a Sheppy's and there do seem to be a lot available in various places all over the UK, although there are a few variants i want to try that seem to be exclusive to the Somerset area so i just need to visit to pick them up!


Light and fresh, very bitter appley, cloudy Apple juice, tangy sour apple sweets, sherbet and even a hint of rhubarb stalks

Light sweet fresh apples, tangy and bitter again but there's a sweetness also that is pushing in too, tangy and tasty, delicious stuff.

Sweet, appley, yum

Bottle Name: Sheppys Dabinett Single Variety Cider
Age: NAS
ABV: 7.20
Distiller: Sheppy's
Bottler: Sheppy's
Type: Cider
From: England, Not Scottish

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