Sheppys Kingston Black Single Variety Cider

Sheppys Kingston Black Single Variety Cider Another Sheppys cider this Kingston Black is a Single Variety Cider with all produced using Kingston Black Apples picked up in my local Dobbies Garden Centre.

Described by the Sheppys Twitter team as one of the driest ciders they produce I really wasn't looking forward to this as I'm a huge fan of sweet rather than dry.

This is very drinkable despite the dry finish, which really is drying, but there's enough flavour of floral hints and apples to make it very much tasty.

If you like dry wines then this might be a good switch to dry cider.

To buy try your local Dobbies Garden Centre


Tangy apples, almost like the artificial Apple sourz, the a bitter creamy natural yoghurt note which mellows and goes more like munch bunch fromage frais, hints of spices also

Appley but bitter also, hints of dried flowers and a nuttiness which is maybe more core it seed, hints of light spices flirt in too

Dry, tangy and slightly bitter

Bottle Name: Sheppys Kingston Black Single Variety Cider
Age: NAS
ABV: 7.20
Distiller: Sheppy's
Bottler: Sheppy's
Type: Cider
From: England, Not Scottish

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