Octomore 4.1

Octomore 4.1 Thanks again to Jon (@dvdbloke) from the Scotch and Sci-Fi blog for this sample also, another Huge hitting dram.

Again the smoke is not as huge as you would expect, it’s softened by some fabulous spicy, oaky, bbq notes that give off a chalkiness in the peat.

There’s something almost Edinburgh rock like in this and i like it, a lot.

Thanks again to Jon (@dvdbloke) for the sample.


Heathery mossy peat smoke with hints of spice, then lots of fruity syrupy notes, bbq charcoal and overlooked buttered toast with wood spices, creamy vanilla and wood sap

Sweet sticky bbq ribs and chalky heathery smoke with lots of fresh fruit and lots of intricate wood spices cinnamon, nutmeg and wood spices

Spicy, oaky, and bbq smoke

Bottle Name: Octomore 4.1
Age: 5
ABV: 62.50
Distiller: Bruichladdich
Bottler: Bruichladdich
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Islay

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