Professor Cornelius Ampleforths Cherry Brandy

Cherry Brandy Whisky is definitely the thing I'm most interested in, no matter what form it takes, but I know I also need to broaden my horizons and try other beverages also thus this review.

The nose if you love cherries will blow your mind, if you don't you will hate it, the palate is sweet and sour and does everything I expected from it, lovely cherry notes, and lots of tangyness I really really like this but not sure how much I could drink straight ... Off to check out the cocktail book for ideas.

Pop over to Master of Malt and grab a bottle quick.

Thanks to Master of Malt for the sample.


Thick black cherries, mix with the lightness of morello cherry muller light yoghurt, halls cherry so others and some cherry bake wells hiding in the background, if you like cherries you will love this, there's also something in here that reminds me of advocat.

Quite sour cherry notes, like those cherry sourz shots, with a halls soother artificial cherry being overtaken busy freshly crushed cherries and menthol, tangy sweetness comes in also

Sweeter and sweeter but with that tangy cherry bake well note still hanging around.

Bottle Name: Professor Cornelius Ampleforths Cherry Brandy
Age: NAS
ABV: 27.80
Distiller: Professor Cornelius Ampleforth
Bottler: Professor Cornelius Ampleforth
Type: Liqueur
From: England, Not Scottish

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