Professor Cornelious Ampleforths Rumbullion Navy Strength

Professor Cornelious Ampleforths Rumbullion Navy Strength This lovely drink is based on high strength Caribbean rum, Madagascan vanilla and zesty orange peel.

Thanks to Steve (@steveprentice) from Somerset Whisky Blog for the sample

This is lovely, the standard bottling is utterly delicious and so seriously drinkable and this is even better than that, the extra strength gives it a bit of a kick of more spice.

I'm definitely picking up a bottle of this

Pop over to Master of Malt to get one for yourself


Much spicier on the nose than the standard Rumbullion, lots of sweet vanilla and Demerara sugar coated foam bananas, some orange peel and Campari hiding in the background

The orange peel and Campari notes come out first, then sweet sweet fresh vanilla, the foam bananas and spice, lots of spice, comes through next, very very very yummy.

Sweeter than the standard Rumbullion. Lots of yumminess.

Bottle Name: Professor Cornelious Ampleforths Rumbullion Navy Strength
Age: NAS
ABV: 57.00
Distiller: Professor Cornelius Ampleforth
Bottler: Professor Cornelius Ampleforth
Type: Rum
From: Various, No Defined Scottish Region

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