Somersby Cider with Apple Burst

Somersby Cider with Apple Burst I loved the Cider with Cranberry from Somersby so this Apple Burst was top of my list to try next.

This is fabulous, really sweet, but without being sickly, refreshing and juicy, very easy to drink, stupidly so, and I'd happily drink a lot of this sitting chilling in the garden on a hot summers day.

I need to,check out much more of this range now.


Toffee apples, caramel sauce on stewed apples with hints of Demerera sugar, icing sugar and a light fizzy tang

Sweet cloudy apple juice, lots of sugary sweet icing sugar notes. I really like this, a lot

Very sweet icing sugar sweet

Bottle Name: Somersby Cider with Apple Burst
Age: NAS
ABV: 4.50
Distiller: Somersby
Bottler: Somersby
Type: Cider
From: England, Not Scottish

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