Chaplin and Corks Somerset Reserve Cider

Chaplin and Corks Somerset Reserve Cider Something you will begin to see much more of as I intend to add more cider and beer reviews to the site over the coming weeks and months.

This Chaplin and Corks Somerset Reserve Cider was picked up from my local supermarket as I try to get though a number of the more available ciders before I move onto rarer craft ciders.

This is described as a medium dry cider but I found the palate really quite sweet, icing sugar coated stewed apples, the finish is short but sweet and would be a lovely refreshing summer cider that would be an ideal relaxing drink in the garden (well maybe not in Scotland where it feels like we last had a summer 3 years ago).

you can pick this up in most major supermarket chains.


This is lovely there's that strong fresh apple juice that you would expect, then some lovely strawberry fromage frais munch bunch kids yoghurt coming through also.

Sweet and gentle, not as bitter appley as I was expecting from a medium dry cider, icing sugar coated stewed apples, a splash of something tarte in the background but not much

Short and sweet, but refreshing

Bottle Name: Chaplin and Corks Somerset Reserve Cider
Age: NAS
ABV: 6.80
Distiller: Chaplin & Corks
Bottler: Chaplin & Corks
Type: Cider
From: England, No Defined Scottish Region

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