Bunnahabhain 1998 (Adelphi)

Bunnahabhain 1998 Adelphi Bunnhabhain are one of my favourite distilleries ranking in my top 5 all time favourites.

So when it was suggested i should try this Adelphi bottling i jumped at the chance.

A lovely example of an unpeated Bunnhabhain with really striking flavours this bottle is still available from Royal Mile Whiskies and is well worth picking up.


Rubbery as in pencil eraser rubbery with sherried fruit cake and vanilla custard, hints of salty seaweed

Pencil sharpenings, fruit cake and cocoa with a sea salt background

cocoa and salty seaweed

Bottle Name: Bunnahabhain 1998 (Adelphi)
Age: 14
ABV: 55.20
Distiller: Bunnahabhain
Bottler: Adelphi
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Islay

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