Rosebank 1981 22 Year Old (Rare Malts)

Rosebank 1991 22 year old rare malts Rosebank is the one closed distillery that I have a real bond with, it's a style of whisky that seriously suits me and my palate, but also my wife's aunt used to work there so it has a real connection with me.

This dram was part of the 2004 rare malts series and has been sent to me by the utterly awesome Franck (@LaCaveDeCobalt) from La Cave De Cobalt for which I will be eternally grateful.

Like many lowland distilleries Rosebank was a triple distilled whisky, giving it a smooth and easy going mouthfeel and brings out more floral notes.

Oh this is yummy and just as I expected, 61.1% so obviously casked at a higher strength than the industry standard 63.5% and it's got such a lovely sweetness but with a mix of ground white pepper.

This is a fabulous dram and I wish I'd picked up a bottle back in 2004 when it was first released and not at auction for the £300 or so it goes for nowadays.


And there it is that soft Edinburgh rock and floral gums note that I get with Rosebank, hints of spiced light fruits, melon with ground white pepper, doughy fruit scones.

Lightly ground white pepper, light sweet syrup, melon and floral gums, Edinburgh rock chalkiness, hints of dried fruits but not like heavy sherried drams just like Demerara sugary coated raisins.

White pepper spices and floral gums, lasts and lasts

Bottle Name: Rosebank 1981 22 Year Old (Rare Malts)
Age: 22
ABV: 61.10
Distiller: Rosebank (Closed)
Bottler: Rosebank
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Lowland

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