The Vatting - Westport (Murray McDavid)

The Vatting - Westport (Murray McDavid) This dram was part of the Murray McDavid tweet tasting a while back, I unfortunately missed the tasting and have caught up since.

This is a Westport, essentially a tea-spooned dram whereby a small amount of whisky from one distillery is added to a cask of another distillery to prevent it being sold as a single cask single malt.

The standard rumours with Westport is that it is Glenmorangie tea-spooned with Glen Moray from the time both distilleries were part of the Same company.

17 years old and matured in a sherry butt, this dram is cracking, lots of lovely nutty and lemony notes on the nose, and more tangy and lemony, with salt on the palate, lovely stuff and it just shows what a great mix Glenmorangie and Glen Moray make.


Light and fruity, there's sherry influence, with edges of dried fruits, spirity, custard creams, crushed cashew nuts, lemongrass and salted lemons, some chip shop chips and hints of gentle spices.

Tangy and spicy, crushed cashew nuts and salty chip shop chips, underlying salted lemons and lemongrass, haribo tangtastics, spicy cinnamon and fig rolls.

Hints of spicy cinnamon and fig rolls, mixed nuts and salted lemons.

Bottle Name: The Vatting - Westport (Murray McDavid)
Age: 17
ABV: 46.00
Distiller: Murray McDavid
Bottler: Murray McDavid
Type: Blended Malt
From: Scotland, Speyside

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