Soluqua Manzanilla Pasada

Soluqua Manzanilla Pasada I’ve been drinking whisky, including sherried whiskies for over 20 years but i’ve never really had sherry on it’s own other than a wee glass of Oloroso at a Highland Park tasting.

As part of the Sherrynotes (@sherrynotes) #SherryTT twitter tasting this Soluqua Manzanilla Pasada was the first Sherry of the evening

Some of the others got this much saltier on the nose than i did, maybe it’s just something i don’t pick up too well, it’s very drinkable, even for a sherry novice like me.

Thanks to Sherrynotes (@sherrynotes) for including me on this tasting.


Butterscotch and Carob covered raisins, syrupy, maple wood, cherry bakewells, salty cashew nuts and salted caramel

quite tarte for me, “soor plooms”, then it goes sweet then dry, i was expecting saltier

dry and short

Bottle Name: Soluqua Manzanilla Pasada
Age: 10
ABV: 15.00
Distiller: Bodegas Barón
Bottler: Bodegas Barón
Type: Sherry
From: Spain, Not Scottish

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