Aldi Highland Black 8 Years Old

Aldi Highland Black 8 Years Old Thanks once again to my friend Andy (@Andysinc41) for this sample which he was really excited about especially for the £12.99 price tag.

Supermarket drams are on the to do list and this Aldi dram has been on the list for a while as it has been given a number of high profile awards.

I can see why this is gaining awards it's a really nice easy drinking session dram, with lovely flavour profiles and a lot going for it, honest and open about it I'm off to buy a bottle.

Get yours at Aldi now.


Dusty dunnage warehouses, sweet light syrup and tinned fruit salad, toffee pennies, hints of lightly toasted white bread, digestive biscuits, a hint of light wood smoke as you delve deeper into this, slightly wine like notes coming through as this sits in the glass.

Sweet and toffee filled with toffee pennies, some sweet fruit salad with bitter orange pith, digestive biscuits and some oaky wood smoke, edges of root vegetables and some haribo tangtastics

Earthy, woody, sweet and toffee'd lovely stuff

Bottle Name: Aldi Highland Black 8 Years Old
Age: 8
ABV: 40.00
Distiller: Aldi
Bottler: Aldi
Type: Blend
From: Scotland, Highland

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