Battle of the Blends Blend A

Battle of the Blends Blend A I was really excited to be asked to join in with the judging of this competition between Dave Broom and Neil Ridley.

More details on this available from here

My thoughts on this blend are that it's very rough, too hot with spices and cracked black pepper, there's lot of wood in there and for me it's just not too pleasant.


Light gentle wood oak and fresh fruits, hints of cinnamon spices and an edge of cracked black pepper, quite refrained and closed nose, creamy vanilla in the background, butterscotch Angel delight.

Creamy, woody, spicy, vanilla sugar, lots of heat and not a lot more to be honest, wood sap

Heat and lots of spices and cracked black better.

Bottle Name: Battle of the Blends Blend A
Age: NAS
ABV: 42.10
Distiller: Master of Malt
Bottler: Master of Malt
Type: Blend
From: Various, Not Scottish

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Scotch and Sci Fi

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