anCnoc 2000 Vintage

anCnoc 2000 vintage I've not had a huge amount of anCnoc with either age statements or vintages so I was really looking forward to this dram and it didn't disappoint, lots of ex sherry cask influence here with sweet dried fruits and a chocolatey goodness, it's complex enough with hints of spice and vanilla and that nose is lovely.

A very tasty dram that is now on the shopping list, I also need to look out the anCnoc 1998 and anCnoc 1999 vintages to compare.

Thanks to anCnoc for the official sample.


At first sniff there's a lovely chocolate covered raisin note that becomes a hint more sherry filled and creamy, with freshly scraped Madagascan vanilla and buttered honey dripped lightly toasted white bread, more dried fruits and hints of fresh apple and pear slices add to the nose.

Lovely toasted oak woody notes mix with Carib raisins, almost chocolatey but more earthy, lots of sweet dried fruits and almost a rum like molasses sweetness, before a gentle hint of spice rounds off a fabulous mouthful.

The fruits are there but being taken over by gentle spices, hints of nutmeg and a quick blast of cinnamon

Bottle Name: anCnoc 2000 Vintage
Age: 2000 Vintage
ABV: 46.00
Distiller: anCnoc
Bottler: anCnoc
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Highland

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