Cù Bòcan Virgin Oak

Cù Bòcan Virgin Oak I've been playing catch up with my whisky samples and drinking bottles for a while now and finally managed to catch up on this Cù Bòcan Virgin Oak from Tomatin.

Taking the smoky sweet spirit from Cù Bòcan and maturing some of it in Virgin Oak casks is an idea i'm very much in agreement with.

Lovely wood smoke, from fruity wood, with creamy vanilla and lots of different fruits, this is a deliciously different type of smoky dram from the usual islays, the Virgin oak adding some real vanilla although I did expect more spice, but then again this is American oak and not European oak thus the lack of spice I reckon.

A lovely dram, great winter warmer and autumn, spring dram or with some BBQ food in the summer ... Error bugger it just have it anytime.

you can pick it up from my good spirits retailers including Royal Mile Whiskies.

Thnks to Tomatin for the official sample.


There's lots of notes coming out of the glass here that I would instantly associate with bourbon, really strong notes of freshly scraped vanilla, hints of char and smoke, a really brown ready yeasty note, then hiding under all that is more smoke, but of good quality applewood and cherrywood, lots of tropical fruit freshness and juicy fruit chewing gum, followed by some honeydew melon and slightly tart kiwi fruit.

Fresh and fizzy, sour haribo tangtastics with fruity wood smoke, like a bbqd banana and apples, juicy fruit chewing gum and mouthwatering fresh tropical,fruit salad with vanilla angel delight very yummy

Mouthwatering and fresh

Bottle Name: Cù Bòcan Virgin Oak
Age: NAS
ABV: 46.00
Distiller: Tomatin
Bottler: Tomatin
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Highland

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