Invergordon 1984 30yr Treasurer (Robert Graham)

Invergordon 1984 30yr Treasurer (Robert Graham) I was lucky enough to have been invited along with my friends at EH10 Whisky Society (@EH10Whisky) to Robert Graham's (@WhiskyCanongate) Canongate store for an intimate tasting of some of their recent bottlings.

The fourth dram of the evening was this Invergordon 30 year old from the Robert Graham Treasurer range which is a range of single cask bottlings at cask strength with no added colouring and non chill filtered.

This is another of the first casks selected by Steve, who took over Robert Graham last year, and it's a beauty, this is how i like my grain whisky, old, and high in ABV, initially a little spirity due to the high ABV, but a touch of water calms that completely, sweet and buttery with that brown bread/rye note that comes with many grain whiskies, this is a cracking dram and if you like Grain whisky you will want to buy one of these.

There are only 240 bottles of this, so go get one, quick.

You can buy this dram online from Robert Graham now.


Quite spirity, which is no surprise at 64.1%, but dies off quickly to reveal lightly toasted brown bread and rye notes, air fix glue, boot polish, with buttery popcorn and a shy hint of fresh watery fruits

Sweet and sugary, artificial sweetener, sugar coated almonds without the nuttiness, crispy m&m shells, some hints of spicy heat

Short but sweet, artificial sweetener and spice

Bottle Name: Invergordon 1984 30yr Treasurer (Robert Graham)
Age: 30
ABV: 64.10
Distiller: Invergordon
Bottler: Robert Graham
Type: Single Cask Single Grain
From: Scotland, Highland

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