Wemyss Malts Cacao Geyser

Wemyss Cacao Geyser Time for yet another fabulous Wemyss Malts dram this time with the wonderfully named Cacao Geyser a 1998 Vintage from the Bowmore Distillery on Islay.

Massive chocolatey notes, but smooth silky galaxy milk chocolate, with fruits, foam bananas, hints of almonds and some amazingly sweet and spicy notes, this is a cracker of a dram that keeps your nose and palate on it's toes.

I've only seen it still available in the Vinmonopolet in Norway so get in quick to get one.

Thanks to Wemyss Malts for the official sample.


Sweet felty silky galaxy chocolate and lots of it, chocolate cream mousse with lovely fresh fruit salad, grapes and honeydew and gala melon balls jump out at me, edges of chimney smoke, hints of chocolate banana sweets, sugared almonds and a hint of spice

Sweet and sour smoked pork, chocolate covered foam bananas, a whole fruit bowl of freshness, sugared almonds and bitter spicy gooseberries with cloves.

Cloves and chocolate yum

Bottle Name: Wemyss Malts Cacao Geyser
Age: 1998 Vintage
ABV: 46.00
Distiller: Bowmore
Bottler: Wemyss Malts
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Islay

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