Cambus 1975 Clan Denny (Douglas Laing)

Cambus 1975 Clan Denny (Douglas Laing)The Guys and Girls at Douglas Laing really do listen to some of the drivel the rest of us post on Twitter as a while back there was a lot of discussion about birth years etc and then out of the blue along with some other samples this lovely 1975 Cambus arrived. Now i know it was targetted as other friends got ones for their birth year also.

I decided to hold onto it for a bit and taste it in time for my 40th birthday (tomorrow) and so i had it a couple of days ago and my notes are here.

This was distilled in 1975 before a whopping 36 years spent quietly maturing in bourbon barrel 7252 before bottling, it's a fabulous dram and i'm really looking forward to opening the bottle that i bought and put away.

Thanks to Douglas Laing for the official sample.


Very light, hints of very lightly toasted brown bread, digestive biscuits, over ripe tropical fruits, honeydew melon and a hint of oriental spices and fruity chalkyness

Light fresh sweet tropical fruits, with fruity chalky Edinburgh rock, mango sorbet, orange zest, oriental spices and a hint of white pepper

White pepper and chalky fruit

Bottle Name: Cambus 1975 Clan Denny (Douglas Laing)
Age: 1975 Vintage
ABV: 52.10
Distiller: Cambus (Closed)
Bottler: Douglas Laing
Type: Single Cask Single Grain
From: Scotland, Lowland

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