Speyburn 1975 Clan Cask

Speyburn 1975 A long time ago in a galaxy far far away... well not really but a long time a go my good friend Adrian (@mynameisgone) sent me this sample of Speyburn 1975 Clan Cask as he knew 1975 was my birth year. I've kept it sitting in the "to drink" pile since and finally pulled it out to sample this week, which with my 40th Birthday being this coming weekend is pretty appropriate.

This dram was laid down in 1975, this whisky has spent 37 years maturing in the traditional dunnage at the Speyburn Distillery. It has been aged in a Spanish oak sherry cask from Pedro Domecq, the oldest Bodega in Jerez. The cask was used originally to mature Pedro Ximenez sherry. This particulare bottling was only made available to Clan Speyburn members.

i really enjoyed this dram, its swet, yummy and very moreish, i really understand why Adrian (@mynameisgone) enjoyed this dram and thank you to him again for the sample.


Lots of candied orange and tangerine, furniture polish and beeswax, Demerara sugar and hair lacquer with edges of sweet dried fruits, raisins sultanas and apricots with a hint of foam bananas

Sweet citrus notes or candied orange, lemon, and foam bananas lots of dried apricots and raisins also, very moreish

Sweet Demerara sugar and candied orange

Bottle Name: Speyburn 1975 Clan Cask
Age: 1975 Vintage
ABV: 55.80
Distiller: Speyburn
Bottler: Speyburn
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Speyside

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