The Famous Grouse

Famous GrouseScotlands Most popular blended whisky, The Famous Grouse, and the end of a short run of blended Scotch Whisky Reviews.

I've drank through a fair amount of The Famous Grouse over the years as it is always the blend i turn to when out and about and the pub/bar don't have any malts (yes that actually happens, even here in Snowy Scotland) and i find this dram very drinkable.

There's a really nice malty, biscuity-ness that comes first with fruit and toffee, waxy citrus peel and cherries and a hint of smoke in the background.

Very drinkable and available in pretty much every supermarket in the UK, as well as the usual whisky specialists.

you can even order directly from The Famous Grouseand get custom labels.


Malt loaf comes through first then crushed digestive biscuits in butter with tinned fruit salad in syrup, tinned pear halves and cherries for sure, waxy citrus fruit peel with hints of smoke hiding in the background.

Sweet caramel pennies with fruit salad chews, chewits and cinnamon, waxy fruit peel, digestive biscuits and fruity soreen malt loaf

Sweet fruity and malt loaf

Bottle Name: The Famous Grouse
Age: NAS
ABV: 40.00
Distiller: Famous Grouse
Bottler: Famous Grouse
Type: Blend
From: Scotland, Please Select

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