Laphroaig 10yr Private VIP Bottling (Douglas Laing)

Douglas LaingBack in the early days of my whisky drinking career one of the big whiskies i got into was Laphroaig, so much so that after receiving a bottle for a Christmas Present from my wife i used the code inside to join their Friends of Laphroaig scheme.

That was Christmas 1997 and my membership was validated and i became an official Friend of Laphroaig on 21st January 1998, 17 years ago today.

Back last year when on a visit to Douglas Laing with Neil (@neilmackinnon1) we were lucky enough to be given a wee sample oach on the way out the door, one of them being this fabulous 10 year Old Laphroaig.

Earthy, vegetal and yet still sweet and lemony, this is a fabulous dram and a great way to celebrate my 17th anniversary of being a Friend of Laphroaig


Initially a hint of earthy vegetables, grated carrots and potato skins before a hint of detail and antiseptic ointment, then a touch of smoked seafood and honey roast parsnips and hints of dusty dunnage warehouses and some sweet lemongrass

Very smoky on the tongue with roasted smoked root vegetables, definite carrots and parsnips here and a touch of sweet potato and lemongrass with a hint of a salty fish supper

Chip shop chips, and smoked vegetables

Bottle Name: Laphroaig 10yr Private VIP Bottling (Douglas Laing)
Age: 10
ABV: 46.80
Distiller: Laphroaig
Bottler: Douglas Laing
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Islay

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