Rock Oyster (Douglas Laing)

Rock OysterLast year on our visit to Douglas Laing, Tom, Barry and I were informed that there would be a new member to the Douglas Laing range of "Vatted" Malts to go alongside the Big Peat, Scallywag and Timorous Beastie. At this point all our eyes lit up with anticipation of what it could be only to denied any further knowledge by Jan. We did press a wee bit by throwing in a couple options and we did manage to get an unofficial nod in the direction of Island whisky and the word Oyster was mentioned but nothing else. So when it was announced this week that the new Island inspired Rock Oyster is going to be available in the next couple of weeks then you know the year is starting off well.

The launch provided the opportunity to get first look on the packaging and what characteristics make up the Rock Oyster. Instantly I loved the shape of the bottle and nautical look to the label. Now the important part the contents, this "Vatted" malt is a small batch bottling created using whisky from Jura, Arran, Orkney and Islay, bottled at 46.8% and as usual with this range no chill filtering or colouring, so it certainly captures the very essence of the sea.

I have been very lucky to receive a sample before the release which to no surprise I find really enjoyable and certainly a very easy drinkable whisky which leaves you wanting more. I will be buying a bottle of this as soon as possible so that I can get more and more because I miss it already. On a little personal note I would love to see a small gift set sometime in the future of all four together as its a tough choice picking which one to get.

Official sample provided by Douglas Laing


Light, fresh with small hints of peat burning by the sea

A light honeyed intro leading into a slight creamy pepper. Grows into fennel with a constant reminder of the sea.

Medium finish with all the flavours just embering away, that teases you back for more

Bottle Name: Rock Oyster (Douglas Laing)
Age: NAS
ABV: 46.80
Distiller: Douglas Laing
Bottler: Douglas Laing
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Islands

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