Longmorn 1973 (Gordon & MacPhail)

LongmornMany thanks to the Steve (@steveprentice) from the Somerset Whisky blog for this sample of Longmorn 1973 from Gordon and MacPhail.

Pretty much sold out everywhere now, I can't actually find any still available, this is a really nice old dram, lots of fruity notes especially golden raisins and apricots and it has that note of wrigleys Juicy Fruit chewing gum which i really like also.

A really interesting and dangerously very drinkable dram this, thanks again to Steve (@steveprentice) for the sample.


Fresh and fruity, fleshy fruits of plums, peaches, nectarines and dried fruits of rum soaked golden raisins and apricots, lots of juicy dates And dark red grapes, some juicy fruit chewing gum also

Sweet plums and juicy fruit chewing gum with apricot and hints of peach Melba, lots of lovely golden raisins and dates, natural sweetness

Natural fruit sweetness and golden raisins

Bottle Name: Longmorn 1973 (Gordon & MacPhail)
Age: 1973 Vintage
ABV: 43.00
Distiller: Longmorn
Bottler: Gordon & MacPhail
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Speyside

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