Aultmore 1998 Cask Sample

Aultmore 1998During my recent #Lastgreatmalts trip one of the drams i was lucky enough to try was this Single Cask Aultmore from 1998 valinched straight out of the cask at Aberlour Distillery.

If you ever do the warehouse tour at Aberfeldy this is one of the casks in the warehouse with the Bottle Your Own and we were lucky enough to get to try it.

A fabulous example of that sweet apples and pears that Aultmores are awesome for, a great cask and i wish i could get a bottle of this.


Fresh apple and pears half smothered in light juicy syrup with a vanilla buttercream sauce dropped on top and a brown sugar and cinnamon sprinkling over the top and a dollop of spicy sweet cask char

So soft and gentle initially with Light brown sugar covered vanilla angel,delight and waxy Apple peel then some more vanilla cask char and hints of cinnamon

Vanilla buttercream and cinnamon toasted Apple slices

Bottle Name: Aultmore 1998 Cask Sample
Age: 1998 Vintage
ABV: 55.00
Distiller: Aultmore
Bottler: Aultmore
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Speyside

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