Benromach Origins Batch 4 Port Pipes

BenromachI really like sweet Port finished whiskies so when i noticed this Benromach Origins Batch 4 had spent it's entire 10 year life in Port pipes i couldnt resist buying a bottle.

I've got through most of the bottle before writing my notes as i just get distracted by just how nice this is, sweet, cinnamon, plums, sugar, and the smoke which comes more as a malty note all combine fabulously in this dram, one of my very favourites.

Sold out everywhere i look this one looks to be an auction purchase to get a bottle now, if you see it pick one up.


Deep rich damson jam with sugar coated sweet plums and Demerara sugar with malt loaf and screen fruit loaf hints of gentle smoke waft about in the background and some lemon drizzle cake

Sweet and malt loaf hints of bitter plums and lemon drizzle cake it's a touch spicy with cinnamon and damson jam

Long lasting dark fruit damson jam sweetness

Bottle Name: Benromach Origins Batch 4 Port Pipes
Age: 2003 Vintage
ABV: 50.00
Distiller: Benromach
Bottler: Benromach
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Speyside

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