Girvan 20 Clan Denny cask 10439 (Douglas Laing)

Girvan 20I always enjoy a good grain and this 20year old Girvan from Douglas Laing's Clan Denny range, tasted at a visit to their Glasgow headquarters, was right up my street.

Neil picked this dram as one of his favourites of the day, and no surprise, it really did tickle my fancy too and it is a great way to experience quality grain whisky.

Available to buy from Master of Malt this is a Single Grain that you really would like to try.


Lovely soft brown bread sweet notes with hints of Christmas spic but with no nip lots of barley sugar sweets and toffee coins

Demerara sugar and broken toffee with brown bread barley sugar sweets and candied fruits with a lovely soft gentle fruit salad

Brown bread toast and barley sugars

Bottle Name: Girvan 20 Clan Denny cask 10439 (Douglas Laing)
Age: 20
ABV: 56.70
Distiller: Girvan
Bottler: Douglas Laing
Type: Single Cask Single Grain
From: Scotland, Lowland

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