Aberfeldy 1994 Bottle Your Own

Aberfeldy When on a tour of Aberfeldy Distillery, it is also possible to do a bottle your own straight from the cask and Dewars were very kind to provide us with a bottle of this 1994 vintage Bottle Your Own.

Pictured bottling his is Dominic Roskrow (@whiskytasting)

this is a cracker of a bottling with huge spicy notes that i would never have expected from Aberfeldy being the main character of this dram, but with water it mellows out and becomes much more honied. It really can take a lot of water and still be so flavourful with honey and spicy, this is a great cask that they have chosen for this.

Tasted whilst on tour with Dewars.


Pencil shavings with balsa wood and lots of fresh fruit salad peach covered melon balks and Tate and lyles golden syrup with chunks of milk chocolate covered custard creams. As you stick your nose deep into the glass it becomes more cinnamon and gentle pepper notes

Spicy really spicy on the palate with black pepper with fruit hiding in the background ... With water the spice hides and the honey comes through with muesli and honey

Spicy without water ... Honey without water

Bottle Name: Aberfeldy 1994 Bottle Your Own
Age: 1994 Vintage
ABV: 56.90
Distiller: Aberfeldy
Bottler: Aberfeldy
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Highland

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