Aberfeldy 1988 Single Cask Sample

Aberfeldy When on a tour of Aberfeldy Distillery, if you take the warehouse tour you are taken into the warehouse and allowed to taste wee dram valinched from a cask.

When we visited it was this 1988 (so 26 year old) cask at circo 55.5% abv.

A real treat and i'd certainly suggest anyone who is going to tour Aberfeldy does this tour to get to taste from some of the really special casks they like to put in here.

Tasted whilst on tour with dewars.


Sweet fruity pear drops and fresh honey with malted biscuits and edges of fresh fruit salad with melon coming through strong with hints of sawdust

Sweet melon and pear drops and malty digestive biscuits

Sweet but with a hint of spice

Bottle Name: Aberfeldy 1988 Single Cask Sample
Age: 1988 Vintage
ABV: 55.50
Distiller: Aberfeldy
Bottler: Aberfeldy
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Highland

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