Bowmore Devils Casks II

Bowmore Devils Casks This Bowmore Devil's Casks II was tasted as part of the #AngelsandDevils twitter tasting with Morrison Bowmore Master Blender Rachel Barrie (@TheLadyBlender) on 30th October.

Put together from 13 Sherry Butts this devilish dram is seriously hard to get a hold of, and it's very much worth getting hold of, huge sherry notes and prune notes it's huge with meatiness that really grabs you, this is as much an experience as it is a drink.

Thanks again to Morrison Bowmore for the invite to the tasting. Sold out everywhere i look but you can win a bottle of this and a bottle of batch 1 by going to the Bowmore Facebook competition page.


chewy thick steamed prunes and damson jam, with puffs of seriously strong malt loaf thats been in the wood smoker, there's hints of bbq meats covered in thick sticky jam and ripped up plums with raisins, sultanas and apricots coming in along with hitns of small village coal cottage chimney smoke

Chewy prune soup with a huge spicy ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg hit, lots of coal fired chimney smoke as it tames off to apricot jam covered bbq steaks

bbq steaks in apricot jam

Bottle Name: Bowmore Devils Casks II
Age: NAS
ABV: 56.30
Distiller: Bowmore
Bottler: Bowmore
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Islay

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