Jura 10 Year Old (circa 1980s)

Jura 10 1980sI love Jura whisky and I know there are a number of my fellow bloggers out there that do too, one such blogger is Johanne McInnes (@whiskylassie) from Whisky Lassie blog in Canada who kindly sent me a dram of this wornderful 10 year old bottles sometime in the 1980s.

This dram really does shine with a lot more fruity lemony honey notes that any of the more recent bottlings that i've had, I was really surprised at just how gentle and sweet it was a really exceptional dram.

Thanks again to Johanne McInnes (@whiskylassie) for sending me a sample, if you fancy trying something similar The Whisky Exchange occasionally have bottles available to buy.


This is seriously sweet with lashings of sweet manuka honey being the biggest note that comes through at first there's also some lovely sherried notes of gentle dried fruits coming through here followed by a hint of Edinburgh rock chalkiness

Very much chalky lots of fruity Edinburgh rock coming through first then edges of manuka honey with hints of citrus peel oil and a lovely waxiness

Chalky and sweet yummines

Bottle Name: Jura 10 Year Old (circa 1980s)
Age: 10
ABV: 40.00
Distiller: Jura
Bottler: Jura
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Islands

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