Bowmore Handfill Ex Bordeaux

Bowmore handfill Part of the Bowmore tasting in No1 Vaults with Eddie MacAffer after our tour during the #IslayRoadTrip with Steve (@steveprentice) from Somerset Whisky Blog and Jon (@dvdbloke) from Scotch and Sci-fi (pictured with an unlabelled handfill)

After our really in depth and knowledgable tour with Eddie we stopped into the No1 Vaults for a quick dram valinched straight from the cask before moving to the handfill where we all took bottles of this lovely dram.

Thanks again to Eddie at Bowmore for the awesome and in depth tour and for the wonderful tasting.


initially for me theres a short sharp hit of vinegary red wine, this disappears quickly though and is replaced with an earthy hint of sweet smoke and rich dark chocolate covered strawberries and raspberries with a hint of fresh ginger and banana cake

smoky and charcoaly are the first notes before sweet berries jump in and are coated in the gentle smoke, lots of fresh raspberries and strawberries.

a hint of spice and lots of red fruits

Bottle Name: Bowmore Handfill Ex Bordeaux
Age: 16
ABV: 56.90
Distiller: Bowmore
Bottler: Bowmore
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Islay

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