Wemyss Malts Lord Elcho

Lord ElchoAll whisky bloggers know that there are good blends and not so good blends out there, and the Lord Elcho 15 Year Old is a great blend so when Wemyss Malts released a NAS younger brother it had a lot to live up to.

The good news is that it does that, and more, it's a cracker of a dram with a perfect mix of sweetness, maltiness and spiciness and for me it is just so easily drinkable, a real session dram as people would say.

For the bargain price of around £26 from whisky specialists like The Whisky Exchange this really is a cracker of a dram that you should be picking up and trying.

Thanks to Wemyss Malts for the official sample.


Theres a real sweet and malty note to begin with it's like a sweet caramel sauce covered malt loaf with lots of juicy fruits too, ripe nectarine and juicy dates with hints of butterscotch and vanilla ice cream.

a wee edge of spice comes up first before sweet milk chocolate, almost chili chocolate, wrapped in butterscotch with toppings of shredded wheat and banana fritters in caramel sauce.

banana fritters and caramel sauce, very very drinkable.

Bottle Name: Wemyss Malts Lord Elcho
Age: NAS
ABV: 40.00
Distiller: Wemyss Malts
Bottler: Wemyss Malts
Type: Blend
From: Scotland, Please Select

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