Fettercairn Fasque

Fettercairn Fasque My good friend Adrian (@mynameisgone) sent me this sample of Fettercairn Fasque.

I hadn't and still haven't tried a lot of whisky from this distillery over the years, a stable mate of Jura and Dalmore this highland dram is a bit of a forgotten brother in some ways.

Named for a country estate near to the distillery, Fasque is the unpeated regular bottling from Fettercairn. It is bottled at 42%, is NAS and is perfectly drinkable, it's nothing spectacular but also not a "bad" whisky. I'm sure there are many drams i would have before it on a night of choice, but i certainly wouldn't refuse one if offered.

Fancy trying it yourself? it's a decent price at just over £30 over at The Whisky Exchange

Thanks to Adrian (@mynameisgone) from Whisky Chronicle for the samples.


Lots and lots of malt in here with lots of fresh white bread like notes, with thorntons original toffees, with with touches of coriander and crushed cardamom seeds and some gentle toasted nuts

sweet and juicy, with lots of grape notes, sultanas and malt loaf and fresh white bread

sweet and with edges of almonds

Bottle Name: Fettercairn Fasque
Age: NAS
ABV: 42.00
Distiller: Fettercairn
Bottler: Fettercairn
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Highland

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