Glen Moray 2006 Sauternes Cask Sample

Glen Moray A good while back the utterly awesome Iain Allan (@iain_g_allan) posted a picture of a new Glen Moray sauternes cask dram on Facebook and I drooled over the picture lots.

Fast Forward some cheeky requests and a meeting at Whisky Live London in March and I had in my possession a sample of the 2006 Glen Moray Sauternes Cask and i've finally got round to reviewing it.

Oh my what a dram this is, i've guessed at around 58% ABV, Iain would maybe be able to give a more accurate indication, but this 7 year old dram is full of flavour, lots of sweet milk chocolate and lots of spice on the palate, yummy and very much up my street.

I believe this dram may be waiting on it's 8th Birthday before being bottled, i really don't know for sure, what i do know is that i want a bottle. Fantastic stuff.

Many Thanks to Iain at Glen Moray for the official sample.


lnitially there is a light sweet chocolate note here... it's not harsh at all with edges of freshness almost peppermint & menthol but the chocolate comes through again & again.

light chocolate & lots of spices remind me of lindt chili chocolate but it's more creamy, glorious warming dram

Spicy chocolate loveliness

Bottle Name: Glen Moray 2006 Sauternes Cask Sample
Age: 7
ABV: 58.00
Distiller: Glen Moray
Bottler: Glen Moray
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Speyside

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