Glen Garioch 1998 Wine Cask Matured

Glen Garioch When you manage to get the chance to do a blind tasting of something new and exciting then you really cant say no can you so finally after getting my exam out the way heres my notes and guess for the #GGDrambassador sample.

I had one or two initial thoughts based on the clues with a 1982 Sherry matured dram coming out tops until i really spent time with the clues and the dram.

Clue 1 - The casks were previously stored in a cave, 100km from the atlantic ocean

ok so this ruled out Duoro valley, Jerez and Madeira casks and ruled in some wine casks, cognac, brandy etc, my main thought here was Cognac as many of them are matured in "caves" and with the french word "cave" meaning "cellar" in English it iwas a bit of a give away.

Clue 2 - The oak shares its name with a breed of cattle

Hunting through many cattle breeds along comes Limousin - the casks used for Cognac, it has to be this as i can't find any others that match.

Clue 3 - the batch was distilled on a summers day when Scotland took part in a global sporting event, The country where this event took place is closelty linked to our tasting notes.

This is quite cryptic, did the event happen in the same country as the cask was previously? or are the tasting notes saying that it reminds them of being "french" ... i've went with the same country as the original cask so an event held in France..

This could be when Scotland played in the Football World Cup in france 1998 or it could be when they took part in the Rugby World Cup in France 2007 making this either a 15 year old or 6 year old whisky. I'm going to plump on 15 year old based on the lack of those popcorn notes i get with young whisky.

SO overall i reckon it's a 1998 Glen Garioch Matured in ex Cognac Limousin casks. lets hope i'm right.

Many thanks to Glen Garioch for the opportunity to try this dram


Initially a prickle on the nose of something very familiar, Brandy or Cognac perhaps, followed by a hint of good cheddar, some chocolate covered toffees come in next with a hint of something earthy in the background, freshly grated root ginger and some sweet carrot in there

Initally very sweet, jammy with hints of blackcurrent, blackberry, tarte raspberry and some ripe plum and nectarine, there's still a hint of spice here keeping it all together

The freshly grated root ginger is still here along with fresh sweet ripe plums, almost port like but not as sweet.

Bottle Name: Glen Garioch 1998 Wine Cask Matured
Age: 1998 vintage
ABV: 48.00
Distiller: Glen Garioch
Bottler: Glen Garioch
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Highland

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